The Book Community

I’ve always been on the periphery of the book community, more specifically of the YA variety (though my readings extend to ANYTHING that have words beautifully strung together), and enjoying what everyone has to say and seeing what new book-ey things are out there for me to grab a hold of and chokeslam! I’m really a nonviolent person, but my passion for books does tend to make me a little aggressive… though this is besides the point, lol.=)  What I really want to get at is that I’ve thought it over and over again, and found that I want to be an active participant with others that love books as much as I do and to maybe get a chance introduce others to this amazing book world.  I was really hesitant because my initial thought was “Who the heck would care about what I have to say, when there are already a ton of brilliant people out there who have shared their thoughts on (whatever wonderful thing it may be)”, but that’s not how it goes at all, it’s an ongoing conversation about book-ey things that we love, and sometimes things that we don’t love so much.  I figured I just may have some cool things to contribute to and share with this awesome group of people, and hopefully they have cool things to throw right back at me =) So here I go, diving in the deep end, anyone want to dive with me!


Muse with me: 1)If you don’t have a blog(yet)or vlog or any public forum on which to share all those magnificent ideas floating around in your beautiful head, what’s holding you back?  If you do have a blog (link it to me!), what do you look for in fellow bloggers?


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